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About Mardi Gras For over 150 years, New Orleanians have celebrated the "greatest free show on earth" complete with parades, marching bands and revelry that only a city like New Orleans can provide. In 2017, Carnival season begins on Kings Day, January 6, and culminates on Mardi Gras day, February 28. Source from the City of New Orleans Today, the tradition continues as people all over the world gather for festive Twelfth Night celebrations. A popular custom was and still is the baking of a special cake in honor of the three kings, called "A King's Cake."  This Air fried...

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Ready to celebrate President's Day? Make American Food Great! There is nothing more American than hosting a BBQ  and cooking with your neighbors, friends, and family. This year couldn't be different. Whether you are in a warm state or you still have snow, you cannot stop yourself from cookingGREAT AMERICAN FOOD. There are few things we can all agree with, eating good food is one of them.   Yes, you can also cook  Macaroni  & Cheese, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork Sandwiches inside your home in a matter of minutes & with no mess. President's Favorite Foods Donald Trump: Lay's Potato ChipsBarack Obama: Salted...

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VALENTINE’S DAY Congratulations to our Sweep Stakes winner! Kristine Pellegrino The prize:Air Fryer with hard cover recipe book     Valentine’s day is Tuesday February 14th.  This day many people celebrate united around the world their love and the love towards others. You can get a pressure cooker or an air fryer for your loved one, prepare yourself to show you care not only on Valentine's day, but every day of the year. Love is care, preparing meals doesn't mean you have to cook all day. Go WISE and save time, make healthy delicious meals and enjoy your days spending quality time with your "special ones".  Are you ready to show you...

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Some conversation starters for this weekend... Tailgating Facts Seems to be that the Romans were the first ones to tailgate, Julius Caesar did it behind his chariot. Other history records show that people also tailgated during the Civil War battles. 30% of tailgaters don't even attend the game. Americans spend over $35 billion on food, beverages, and other gear for tailgating each year The average tailgater spends more than $500 per year on food for tailgating.   Ready to watch Football this weekend? Whether tailgating, at home or with friends, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the party. Learn more about the...

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Need to satisfy that Game Day Hunger? We have the perfect recipe for you. Try these air fried loaded fries in your air fryer as a quick and delicious snack for you and your guest. What you'll need: 3-4 Russet Potatoes 1 Jar of cheese dip 1/4  Red onion 1 Tomato Chopped fresh Jalapeños Sour cream 2 lb. Ground beef Olive oil Salt & Pepper Cayenne pepper (optional) Big Game Facts February 5th, 2017 we're all thinking the same thing"The Big Game". Most people get together on game day for the company, the commercials, and most importantly - the food. But...

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