Bundle and Save on Pressure Cookers and Air Fryers!

Coming Soon! Air Fryer Oven



We are so excited to introduce our brand-new product: The GoWISE USA Air Fryer Oven

Pre-order Yours Beginning October 3rd! 


  1. It’s bigger on the inside, so you can make even more of your favorite air fried foods.
  2. More presets to make cooking a breeze. There’s even a dehydration preset for when you want to make some yummy fruit snacks or trail mix.
  3. 10 accessories included? Yes, that’s right. Read below for the entire list.
  4. 3 different colors to match any type of kitchen.


  • Cage tong: Use this to safely take out the rolling cage, steak cage, skewer rack, and rotisserie fork
  • Drip tray: catch any droppings with the drip tray. Place on the very bottom rack.
  • Mesh basket: Air Fry a variety of foods with this mesh tray
  • 2 mesh racks: Use these mesh racks for air frying quesadillas or pizzas (make sure to use non-stick spray or oil for an easier clean)
  • Rolling cage: Make popcorn or fries with the rolling cage
  • Rotisserie fork: Rotisserie whole chickens (5lbs) or pork tenderloin
  • Steak cage: Air Fry the perfect steaks with the steak cage
  • Skewer rack: Make your favorite kabobs with the skewer rack (makes up to 10!)
  • Wire rack: Place baking dishes on top of the wire rack