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4th Generation Electric Air Fryer (3.7 QT)

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GW22621 120V, 60Hz 1400W  3.7 QT

The presets include :

  • Meat, Fish, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Chips

GoWISE USA's 4th generation air fryers. It comes with a detachable basket equipped with an eject button guard to prevent accidental detachment. The basket is designed to easily transfer food from the fryer to your plate. It features touch screen technology with 7 built-in smart programs with adjustable temperature and timer. This air fryer has an auto-switch off feature when cooking is complete, and a standby/resume mode, when pulling out the basket during cooking process for checking or shaking ingredients. Sliding the pan back into fryer will resume the cooking process.

ETL certified. 

This air fryer allows you to enjoy your favorite fried foods without the added calories of oil. With a wide range of 170°F - 400°F, the fryer can prepare a variety of dishes from crispy fries to juicy wings with little to no oil in 30 minutes or less. Manually set your cook and temperature or use one of the 7 built-in smart program presets.