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Air Fryer 10.5 QT Turbo

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Air Fryer 10.5 QT Turbo
  • Eat your favorite fried food and snacks, guilt free! The new ETL certified electric programmable turbo air can fry, grill, roast, or bake with little to no oil. Cook for the whole family! The air fryer has an extra large 10.5 Qt. capacity; about 11 lbs of food. That's the size of a whole chicken.
  • Endless Cooking Possibilities! Create all kinds of dishes from cake to rotisserie chicken with featured cooking modes: Roast, Bake, Stir fry, and Fry. Also available, adjustable temperature control from 120⁰F to 450⁰F with a cooking time up to 1 hour. Delay your cooking time up to 10 hours with the new Delay timer option. Enjoy your meal quicker with the new "DEFROST" and "TURBO" cooking modes
  • NEW cooking functions, including a baking cage and rotisserie stake, and a rotisserie spinning mode while cooking. Transparent lid panel to see your foods cooking progress.
  • Air fryer tongs, Rack, Baking Cage, and Rotisserie Stake included. The non-stick coating on the pan makes cleaning grease and food quick and easy. Cool touch handles on removable pan makes it easier than ever to transport hot food.
  • Do you hate eating soggy, half-heated food from the microwave? Air fry it instead! The Air fryer will revitalize your leftovers, evenly heat them inside and out, making them delicious and crunchy once again.