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5 Sandwiches to Make Using a Toaster Bag

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Make toasty, scrumptious sandwiches in these handy toaster bags. Want to make a grilled cheese in 2 minutes? No problem, these mess-free toaster bags are perfect. Easy to clean and reusable. These toaster bags are mess-free and help keep crumbs out of the toaster. Check out these sandwiches we made using them. Time may vary depending on toaster. Roast Beef & Cheese Sammie Time: 2 minutes Ingredients: herb & garlic goat cheese roast beef baby arugula The Pig & Swiss Melt Time: 1.5 minutes Ingredients: Dijon mustard swiss cheese ham baby arugula Grilled Fluffernutter Time: 2-3 minutes Ingredients: Nutella Marshmellow...

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